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Colkeririn Face To The Sun earns her Junior Warrant and Stud Book Number

Sere is awarded her Stud Book Number and has earned the title Junior Warrant

Photo: Sarah Nix

We are excited to share our youngster Sere - Colkeririn Face To The Sun, JW has been awarded her Stud Book Number and won her Junior Warrant title, just 9 months after her first show.

To date, Sere has collected an impressive 24 1st Place Rosettes and Cards at Championship and Open level in both breed classes and stakes, including winning the Pup of the Year Puppy Bitch Stakes at Windsor Championship Show and Hound Group 1 at Burton on Trent Kennel Association Open Show under Hound Specialist Anne Defaye, after winning Best of Breed under Breed Specialist Lynda Fletcher.

She's a delightfully joyful soul, charming us every day with her playful ways and "get on with it" attitude.

Colkeririn Face To The Sun, JW

Stud Book Number: 0007DC

Photo credit: John & Gillian Mulligan

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