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Indie's Puppy News!

We are thrilled to share that Indie was scanned at 28 days and has been confirmed in whelp with eleven puppies. They are due to be born early July.

Indie is taking her pregnancy very much in her stride, enjoying her regular exercise, delicious raw diet - thank you Wolf Tucker - and is certainly finding the most comfortable places to sleep, ensuring she gets her beauty sleep now, as she's going to be busy with 44 little legs to keep up with! As a desert dog, born in Arizona, USA, she is thoroughly enjoying the warm English weather and basks whilst stretching her tummy towards the sunshine! Here she is at 5 weeks, enjoying an early morning walk.

We have continued to enjoy daddy Bhali's successful Spring and early Summer in the show ring, and of course have been very busy meeting potential new owners for the puppies. We have some wonderful families who are now busy making plans in their own homes for their new arrivals.

If you are interested to learn more about this breeding, please visit our Planned Litter page, or email me at

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