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Colkeririn Indigo Lightly at Lonaza (Lana).

We like to remind ourselves regularly of our breed standard, so I thought I'd make an inclusion on the Rhodesian Ridgeback head. Here is our UK breed standard for heads:

"Head and Skull - Of fair length, skull flat, rather broad between ears, free from wrinkles when in repose. Stop reasonably well defined. Nose black or brown in keeping with colour of dog. Black nose accompanied by dark eyes, brown nose by amber eyes".

Now, Lana is not in repose in this shot, but we think she has a strong head, yet it remains feminine, her stop (the part that changes plain between the top of the head and the muzzle - between the eyes) is nicely defined. We love her depth of muzzle and to me, she has enough cheek, but not too much. (Of course I'm referring to her facial cheek and not character cheek - that she has an abundance of!)

(Photo: Lena Piehl)

I'm pretty sure in a former life this youngster was a supermodel, because she has the ability to look right into the lens, perhaps those beautiful eyes can see the shutter opening and closing, and like any good sighthound is stimulated by the tiniest movement.

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