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Colkeririn Indigo Lightly at Lonaza - Welcome Lana!

Lana is Kamba's full litter sister and we are lucky and very grateful to co-own her with Jane Hawkins and John Smith. Too good to not include on "Our Dogs" page, Lana now has her own entry, which Jane, John and I had great fun writing together! Be sure to check her out (she likes nothing more than being in the spotlight!)

Here she is the day she left our home to go and live with Jane and John. Cheeky then, and even cheekier now.

We are lucky she comes and stays with us regularly, and coming up very soon, her human entourage will all be going to cheer her on at the Kent Super Dog 2014 competition to which she qualified for winning BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the East Kent Society Open Show in 2014 under Mike Spencer (Bannonbrig). We are so proud of Lana and Jane for this fantastic win.

Wish us luck - photos to follow!

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