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CRUFTS 2013 - Colkeririn Rhodesian Ridgebacks Results

CRUFTS 2013 for all of us at Colkeririn Ridgebacks was a day full of warm wishes, good cheer, great friends and lovely, brightly coloured rosettes! Colby opened the day as the very first dog in the ring in the Veteran Dog class. Motoring round as if he wasn't a day over 4 (9 years and 2 months, but we don't tell him) he loved his time on the green carpet, winning a 3rd Place rosette for the 2nd year running.

Rio and I had a very long wait for the Open Bitch class (the biggest class of the day) and were very happy to be placed 2nd in a beautiful class, losing out only to the Best of Breed winner of the day.

Although Verde qualified, we decided not to take her along, preferring to leave her at home with her sister and auntie Indie for the day.

We were so proud of Colby and Rio's benching behaviour - splendid ambassadors of our breed.

Our congratulations as always to our winners, placers and to all who attended - CRUFTS is a qualifying show, so every dog present in the ring is a winner!

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