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Kamba and Asha's Puppies at 7 weeks

We've had a great time watching Kamba's puppies to the lovely Asha grow and flourish, and thank Janet again for asking us to have Kamba sire her litter.

We had the pleasure of visiting Janet on the last weekend all the pups were together to take some photos of them all getting up to mischief and ones of them individually, which are great to have for reference and to show off the quality this pairing produced! Can you tell we're proud?!

They are all now settling into their new homes and we're loving hearing the news of how they are enjoying their new families and house mates - many are living with older Ridgebacks. We're especially happy Janet kept a puppy girl from this fabulous litter.

Our own litter Kamba has sired is due in 3 weeks' time, the dam is our very own Verde who is getting beautifully bigger by the day. His litter to Verde has been a long time planned and we're very excited about this pairing and the pups it will produce.

Verde is expecting 14 puppies which is a larger litter than we anticipated, so we are accepting additional enquiries through our Contact Us page on this website from families seriously interested in owning one of our puppies.

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