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Kamba and Asha's Puppies Have Arrived!

Who doesn't love a photo of a beautiful litter of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies!

Janet and Asha, Kamba and I are proud to share our happy news that Asha has whelped 10 “very strong and determined” and apparently “stunning” puppies. 5 boys and 5 girls; 7 with correct ridges, 3 ridgeless, no kinks, no Dermoid Sinus detected so far, 2 possible livers.

We haven't met the puppies yet, but Daddy Kamba, Grandma Indie and I are relieved and delighted they are all happy, healthy and even sized babies, and that Asha has taken to motherhood with such ease. Janet tells us Asha’s even injected a little comedy into her whelping box routines by hiding food to snack on, and was caught being such a determined mum to get food to them that she dropped a bread roll on top of them!

We are so grateful for the photos from Janet, and are so proud of the wonderful job that she and Asha are doing - they are looking fabulous - we absolutely can't wait to meet these little wonders!

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