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Ridgeback Movement

If movement is your thing, here are the entries for movement in the UK Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standard and in the USA Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standard (we have included both, because our dogs are a blend of American and British pedigrees:

UK: "Gait/Movement Straight forward, free and active."

USA: "At the trot, the back is held level and the stride is efficient, long, free and unrestricted. Reach and drive expressing a perfect balance between power and elegance. At the chase, the Ridgeback demonstrates great coursing ability and endurance."

Here's an abstract photo of Kamba an I on the move when he was almost 12 months old. He demonstrates a balanced outline showing equal reach at the front and drive from behind, with a good head, neck and tail carriage and holds a strong, level topline.

A correct moving Ridgeback should cover the most amount of ground with the least amount of effort. Since moving to the UK I have learnt the saying "moving with daisy cutting action" which conjures up the most wonderful image of our breed moving effortlessly through beautiful summer pastures.

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