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Welcome to Colkeririn Rhodesian Ridgebacks 
(formerly Blue Sky Ridgebacks)  

Colby, Indie, Rio, Verde, Tikka, Kamba, Seré and our Ridgeback guardian angel Keira extend a warm welcome to our site.  

Home of the 
Colkeririn's Sunlight, CGC  ("Kamba")

                                                                                                   Photo by kind permission of Lena Piehl

..... and the
UK CH/AM Grand CH Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely  ("Rio")

We are family focussed Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders who breed occasionally, selectively, and only when we want to add to our family of dogs.  We health check our dogs for hip and elbow dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy, and our foundation has been tested and cleared for eyes, heart and thyroid.  We also supported the excellent work and assisted in the research for Early Onset Adult Deafness (EOAD) in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed submitting results which all came back High Confidence Clear.  Good health and exceptional temperament are of paramount importance to us and we only breed dogs who have been health tested (with good results) and dogs who are exceptional ambassadors for our breed.

Since our move from the USA in March 2011 (where we were known as Blue Sky Ridgebacks) we are proud to announce our UK kennel name Colkeririn Rhodesian Ridgebacks, our affix granted by The Kennel Club, England on June 24, 2011.

Please enjoy this site and if you would like to, contact us at:

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Colkeririn Rhodesian Ridgebacks are fed on Manifold Valley Meats 

Their diet is supplemented with Coconoil

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