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Colkeririn Progeny

This is a page dedicated to the puppies we have bred who have left us to live with their forever families. We so enjoy welcoming puppies back for visits. We welcome photos and news of our puppies and dogs and will happily share them on this page. From the many photos we have received since 2011, here are a handful to enjoy, before we add more again soon.

Hot Dogs! A lovely visit from some of our wonderful puppy owners, and a chance for the dogs to romp and play on the fields. 

Perfectly named Bella (Kamba x Verde) went on holiday to Spain - we think the Spanish bones are bigger than the UK ones! 

Rubus (Kamba x Verde) all grown up and living the life of Riley in Wales.  

We love this photo of Claude (at 5 months) from our Kamba x Verde

litter - a happy, relaxed boy.

Rubus from our Kamba x Verde litter is growing up beautifully,

here he is at 5 months stalking birds in his back garden.

and here's Rubus's gorgeous face (taken at 4 months) on a visit back to see us all.

Here is Mojo from our Colby x Keira litter sending his daddy a birthday message

from the comfort of his fireside!

"Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Your birthday cake looks yummy. Much Love Mojo"

Here's Twiga from our Kamba x Verde litter

She has the same smile as her mummy Verde

And Twiga's housemate Roobarb is from our Colby x Keira litter

Here he is keeping mum's feet warm on his January 2016 staycation with us!

Hugo (on the right) from our Colby x Keira litter is now sharing his home with handsome Rapha from Kamba's litter with Asha

(Rapha is bred by Janet Larkin of Msaka Ridgebacks in Kent)

Rooi from our Bhali x Indie litter joined handsome Rouge

here they are snuggling up together

* * *

Our puppies from our Summer 2015 litter have left us to live with their new families. Thank you to everyone who made enquiries with us, especially to those who have welcomed one of these special puppies into their homes. Here's a small selection of photos of these beautiful souls taken when they were all around 8 weeks.   

Scarlet is now called Benya and lives in Scotland.

Cecil is now called Bear and stayed local in Derbyshire - we love his regular visits.

Poppy is now called Kenya and lives in Shropshire with her older RR housemate Sasha.

Bear kept his name and lives in Surrey (Thank you to his lovely new owners for this fabulous photo of him).

Sere was Filaree and like her mother was the last born in the litter. She flexed her persuasive charms and stayed with us, joining the Colkeririn pack.

Beautiful Willow, we are thrilled to share, has been named Indie after her grandmother, Kamba's mummy, and lives in Kent.

We are happy to share Verde and Kamba's puppies arrived safely on 24th August, 2015. Her final count was 12 puppies - 8 girls and 4 boys. She whelped them all at home in six hours and 50 minutes! 

The puppies are flourishing and Verde is a wonderful first-time mum!

*   *   *   *   *

We are expecting puppies!!

Verde has been scanned and is confirmed in whelp with at least 12 puppies! Her due date is on or near to August 21st.

This is a larger litter than we anticipated, so we are accepting additional enquiries through our Contact Us page on this website from families seriously interested in owning one of our puppies.

This is our first Colkeririn to Colkeririn breeding, and brings together the beautiful American lines behind Verde's father Colby and Kamba's mother Indie, all supported by the best of British behind Kamba's father Bhali and the old African lines behind Verde's mother Keira - a long awaited combination. We have extensive knowledge of the dogs behind this breeding!

Verde & Kamba (below) are both health tested with good results on hip and elbow scores, are clear of Degenerative Myelopathy and both have high confidence clear results on Early Onset Adult Deafness (EOAD) testing.

We have a busy, exciting month ahead before at least our dozen happy healthy puppies arrive!

*    *    *    *    *

Our 2015 planned litter is between two of our home bred beauties Verde (Colkeririn Your Good Elf) and Kamba (Colkeririn's Sunlight).

This litter combines the magnificent American pedigrees behind Colby and Indie, includes the beautiful old African lines behind Keira and ties in the Best of British behind Bhali!

Verde and Kamba are a beautiful match in type and temperament and although it's the first litter either of them will produce, we have high hopes (and a long time in the making) for this pairing.  

Kamba and Verde spend their days playing and nights sleeping together, barely apart. They wake each morning with Kamba giving Verde a good wash! Both have happy, loving temperaments and both have an enormous sense of fun - and clearly love each other!  

If you are interested in finding out more about this breeding and are prepared to answer our Puppy Owner Questionnaire, please email me at

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