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Major - Kxoxo I'm Old Fashioned for Colkeririn JW (Imp Fin)

Colkeririn Major

Kxoxo I'm Old Fashioned for Colkeririn aka Major joined us in October 2022 at 4 months old.   Bred by Kati Ketonen of Kxoxo Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Finland, Major has settled in and charmed us all with his happy, fun loving ways.  His world class pedigree caught our attention from the first announcement Kati made on social media.  We are utterly delighted to have been selected from the many enquiries Kati received to own one of these wonderful puppies from the Gatsby to Alma pairing. 


His show career took off in the style we hoped for, qualifying for Crufts 2023 at his very first Championship Show under breed specialist David Seaman (Sansilver), and winning Best Puppy in Breed at several Premier Open Shows, where he was also awarded Group placements qualifying him for Crufts 2024 before he'd even got to the Crufts 2023!   Thank you Mark Walshaw, Dick Morrison and Helen Kerfoot for the well received Group Placements so early in his show career.


Major's summer 2023 debut season in the show ring was a blast!  Winning the Puppy Hound Group at Blackpool Championship Show 2023 under Mr Rui Oliveira (Portugal), being awarded two Reserve Dog Challenge Certificates from Hound Specialists Colin Ashmore at The Houndshow 2023 and Danny Cullen at Driffield 2023, winning Best Puppy in Breed and Best Junior in Breed at Blackpool 2023 under Robin Searle, gaining his Junior Warrant title at 12 months of age and completing his 2023 season winning the Dog Challenge Certificate at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show under Hound Specialist Anne Macdonald.   


Taking a break from the ring over Winter, at his first two shows of 2024 took Best of Breed under Elaine Bogart (Incitatus) and was cut to the final 6 in Group under Julien Barney (Romaunt) at Isle of Ely Canine Society Premier Open Show and two weeks later won Best In Show under Jenny Miller (Feorlig) after having been put through from Group Judge Helen Mansfield (Shingwidsi) and Breed Judge Bridgette Bodle (Lionsridge).


Thank you for ALL the judges who have awarded him so richly in his first year and to ALL his fans and followers around the world who send us greetings and congratulations!


Kxoxo I'm Old Fashioned for Colkeririn (Imp Fin) "Major"

Am Ch. Spring Valley's Great Gatsby x Fi Ch. Lv Ch Kxoxo Azalea Agera


DOB: 25.06.2022



Hips:  (BVA) 0:0 (corresponds to OFA Excellent)

Elbows: (BVA) 0:0

JME - N/N Clear

DM - N/N Clear

Haemophilia A - Genetically Clear

Haemophilia B - Genetically Clear

D-Locus Dilation - N/N

B-Locus N/N (3 genotypes bd, bc, bs)

EOAD (Hereditary Deafness) - N/N Clear


SERÉ - Ch. Colkeririn Face To The Sun, JW Sh.CM

Our 8th Rhodesian Ridgeback, born on the 8th month of 2015, the 8th born daughter from our 8th born Verde, provided us with too many eights to ignore, so Seré she became - meaning 8 in Shona. We've added an accent purely to help with pronunciation! 

Her first Championship Show at WELKS 2016 under Breed Specialist Mr Steve Holbrook saw her win Best Puppy Bitch and from there she's gone from strength to strength. She was awarded her Junior Warrant title in early January 2017, she qualified for the 2017 Junior Warrant Competition semi-finals held at ExCel in London in October 2017, where she was selected as one of the "super ten" finalists to compete in the Junior Warrant Competition final at Crufts 2018.    

Seré won her first Reserve Challenge Certificate at Bournemouth 2017 under Marion Hunt and with her many 1st place wins at Championship level won herself out of Graduate, Post Graduate and Limit classes within a year.  

Stepping into the Open class towards the end of the 2018 season, she won her first 2 Challenge Certificates at back to back shows; South Wales Kennel Association under Hector Heathcote and Midland Counties under Ann Ingram. Her crowning CC most aptly gained at Windsor 2019 under Zena Thorn-Andrews. She receives fabulous (and consistent) placings and critiques from our most notable judges from Breed classes and Stakes classes alike.

Proving she has brains as well as beauty, she also has her Silver Good Citizen award.  

(Sere - Pictured at 8 weeks - totally intentional!)

Hips:       2:2 (BVA) Excellent (OFA)

Elbows:  0:0 (BVA)

DM:         N/N CLEAR (Laboklin)

JME:       N/N CLEAR (Genoscoper)

DOB:       24/8/15

Dam: Colkeririn Your Good Elf (Verde)

Sire: Colkeririn's Sunlight (Kamba)

SKYE - Colkeririn The Sun Runhr

Born on 4 June 2020 from a litter of 8 beautiful puppies from Ashten (Ulwazi's Born To Run First at Zsushaunna) to Seré (Ch. Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW, ShCM), Skye was our keeper and has delighted our home with her joy, abundance of energy and mischief - which we thoroughly recognise from her Great Grandpa Colby!   

A beautiful red wheaten sporting a perfect ridge, a pure white dove on her chest and the tiniest sprinkling of white on her toes, she's a bright, loving, ridiculously intelligent girl who already has a wall full of red rosettes and in June 2022 became my first Rhodesian Ridgeback to gain a Kennel Club Gold Good Citizen award.    

Colkeririn The Sun Runhr
Colkeririn The Sun Runhr

Pedigree Sarah Trigwell 

Hips:       0:0 (BVA) Excellent (OFA)

Elbows:  0:0 (BVA)

DM:        N/N CLEAR (Parentage)

JME:      N/N CLEAR (Parentage)

EOAD:   N/N CLEAR (Laboklin)

Haemophilia A - Genetically Clear

Haemophilia B - Genetically Clear

D-Locus Dilation - N/N

B-Locus N/N (3 genotypes bd, bc, bs)

DOB:      4/6/2020

Dam:      Ch. Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW ShCM

Sire:       Ulwazi's Born To Run First At Zsushaunna


ASHTEN - Ulwazi's Born To Run First at Zsushaunna

Ashten came to live with us when he was 3 years old.  We successfully co-own him with Veterinary Surgeon Sarah Phillips.  He had spent a lot of time with us on the farm during his puppy show career and knew our pack and home well, so when he made the permanent move he slotted in perfectly.   He's the gentlest male Rhodesian Ridgeback I've had the pleasure of knowing, he's a doting father to Skye and an excellent house and farm dog.   He has an obsession for food, which means training is easy, but keeping an eye on what goes into his mouth requires laser sharp focus.

In  the best form of his life and ready to hit the Open Dog classes in 2021, he secretly consumed not one but two soft toys.  He hid his theft well, but I could tell something was up, he seemed pinched and uncomfortable so took him to the vet.  X-rays showed a mass in not just his stomach, but in his intestine. With no time to waste, he was operated on and the culprits were removed - his condition was serious as his body had been denied vital nutrients due to the blockage, I can't stress how vital speed is in a condition like this.  He took 2 years to recover his strength fully.  Respecting his need to recuperate he was given time to recover.  He loved to show as a youngster and of course he loved the bait cooking days even more, so every so often I would let him come to the shows, but the operation had changed him, his movement was restricted and his condition not as it should be, so realising the length of time he needed to mend, he stayed home.   I have no doubt that he would have sailed through his wins to gain his Champion title had he not had the operation, and as hard as it is to see this magnificent hound probably never gain his crown, he is a very happy farm dog and loves his pack and people.  He's an excellent proven sire, very gentle with his partners and has produced 5 gorgeous litters, all ridged, all good, even litters, no kinks and excellent temperaments.


DOB:  9th January 2017

KC Stud Book No: 2719DF

Inbreeding Coefficient:  0.5%


Elbows: 0/0



D-Locus Dilution:Clear

Sired 5 litters - no ridgeless, with the pairings he has had it is our strong belief Ashten is ridge dominant.

VERDE - Colkeririn Your Good Elf

Verde was born from our first home grown breeding - a beautiful blend of Colby and Keira - on September 19, 2011 She carries an exciting marriage of American, English and old African lines - she’s a lovely, balanced girl in both looks and nature!

Although starting off very confidently with a nice collection of rosettes and enjoying a wonderful win of 1st place in the Minor Puppy Bitch at her first All-Breed Championship Show under respected judge Mr Frank Kane, Verde did not take naturally to the show ring.  

I've never asked my dogs to do anything they don't seem to enjoy, so Verde spends her days on the farm keeping things in order. She relaxes by watching the television - her favourite shows are the nature programmes, she even runs to the back of the television if the animals run off the screen, in a hope she can bring them back to enjoy more viewing!


She's a beautiful wheaten, with just the right amount of white markings, is moderate in size, but mighty in character and gives the best cuddles of all the Colkeririn Hounds!


Verde whelped her 12-strong litter to Kamba at home in a speedy 6 hours and 50 minutes. After the initial short-lived confusion of what to do with so many babies, she worked very, very hard ensuring their cleanliness and comfort. Her strongest force as a mother were to educate and play - we had many fun hours watching her run rings around the outside of the puppies' play pen seeing if they could catch her - outside the play pen ensured she could play and they were exercised all whilst they became less dependent on her as a food source - smart girl!


Sire: Am DC Columbia Blue Sky of Courage, SC

Dam: Am CH Hooz Denali Blue Sky, SC


Hips:        3:3 = 6

Elbows:   0:0 = 0

DM:         N/N - CLEAR (Laboklin)

JME:       N/N - CLEAR (Laboklin)

EOAD:    High Confidence CLEAR (EOAD = Early Onset Adult Deafness)


KAMBA - Colkeririn's Sunlight, CGC

Kamba was born on 30 June, 2013 from our Indie x Bhali litter of 11 happy, healthy puppies (8 boys and 3 girls). His mother, our American born and bred Indie whelped all 11 at home in a magical 8 hours.


Kamba is a handsome wheaten with very little white - only a white musical note shaped marking on his chest. He's a delightfully comical dog, who makes us laugh every day - a happy character with a gentle, caring soul who gets along with everyone and every dog he meets. He is calm around the local farm animals, watches over our family pet rabbits without succumbing to any genetic urges and is without doubt comfortable in life, his surroundings and most certainly on our couch!  

His show career kicked off in great style, at the tender age of 6 months, winning 1st place in Minor Puppy Dog at the Manchester Championship Dog Show in January 2014 under respected all-rounder judge Liz Cartledge. He won or placed consistently through his puppy classes ending them winning Best Puppy Dog at the Windsor Championship Show under breed specialist Linda Cox-Parke, four days short of his 1st Birthday. His first time out in the big boy classes he won the Post-Graduate class at The Hound Championship Show under breed specialist Gillian Mitchelson, and again won the Post-Graduate class at LKA Championship Show in December under breed specialist Sue Campbell (Nyassa).

With Crufts 2015 in our sights and Kamba at just 20 months old, we trained hard to get him into tip top condition for the global audience that would be watching breed specialist Gill Lawless's (Faahac) ring. From the minute he walked into the ring I could feel he was light on his toes, focussed and in great spirits amongst the exciting atmosphere. He held his own against the superb entry of over 100 males, and to our absolute delight he not only won the Post-Graduate class of 16 dogs, he went on to take the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate and thus gaining his Kennel Club Stud Book number!   

(Photo by kind permission of Lena Piehl)

He subsequently won a second Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate at his very next championship show - W.E.L.K.S. 2015 under breed specialist Liz Storey (Kiromol). Thank you to all the experts in our breed who so consistently recognise Kamba's form, function and condition. We are so proud of our boy.

Not just a handsome boy, he's got brains to match! After his puppy socialisation and completing (and very much enjoying) his training classes, he was awarded a Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Bronze Award at just 7 months.

Sire: Ch. Kiromol Kubwa Mno, JW, ShCM.

Dam: Red Dawg's Blue Sky Supernova, JC

Hips:            4:3 = 7                      (Result corresponds as a "Good" under OFA)

Elbows:        0:0 = 0

DM:              N/N CLEAR

EOAD:         High Confidence CLEAR (EOAD = Early Onset Adult Deafness)

JME:            N/N CLEAR (Genoscoper)

INDIE-Red Dawg's Blue Sky Supernova, JC

Known and loved as Indie - for her independence. She’s feminine, gentle and elegant, and has the sweetest smile! She is at her happiest when running - we have always said, she was born to run. She’s very happy grazing nature's table, we've often found her picking blackberries off the bushes, or eating the fallen apples (and sometimes the ones still on the trees!) Indie loves to be close, and to have contact, whether it's with humans or the rest of the pack.

Indie didn't really find her feet in the show ring, and preferred to support Rio in her dog show adventures. She did win a Junior Coursing title from the American Kennel Club, which are the letters after her name.

A remarkable mother and grandmother, who still gives her grown up son Kamba a twice daily wash, and spends a great deal of time playing, snuggling and educating her grand daughter Seré. I thank her every day for the gorgeous litter she gave us. Indie is a thinker, and without doubt the smartest and most stubborn of the Colkeririn pack.

For Indie's Pedigree, please click here: ped5url

DOB:    March 20, 2007

Sire:     CH Primetime Raizuli Anything Goes

Dam:    CH Red Dawg’s Nikita From Rufus

Hips: GOOD (OFA)

Elbows: NORMAL (OFA)


COLBY - AM Dual CH/Multi Int CH

Columbia Blue Sky of Courage, SC

Colby was an outstanding all rounder, with sound movement and stood perfectly in standard at 26”. To know Colby was to love him - he was one of the most comical dogs I’ve ever known, a real character, who is significantly missed in our home and day to day lives. A happy, wagging boy who always put 100% of himself into everything he did, the proof in that lies in the 4 Championship titles he won during his extraordinary lifetime.

He very much enjoyed his veteran years in the show ring, and with his ever bright round eyes twinkling and his enthusiastic performances, he continued to fill the shelves with some splendid trophies.  

True to Colby’s character at the very end of December 2017, he didn’t start anything he couldn’t finish, and decided New Year’s Eve was his day to transition from this earth. Protecting me to the very end of his life, everything about his death was as if he had meticulously planned it. To quote a friend, he flew off with the strongest wings any dog ever had.  

He lived his extraordinary life present in every second of every day - squeezing the last ounce of joy, enthusiasm and usually naughtiness out of every adventure each day presented him with. A dog who over time tested the very fibre of my body, but he trained me as I trained him and we got through a whole bunch of great stuff together. We rafted rivers, climbed mountains, hiked canyons and creeks, fields and streams. A dog who knew the show ring was a stage for his character and the lure coursing field a place to get down to some really serious fun. A dog who moved from the Sonoran Desert of America to the Derbyshire Dales of England, sharing almost half his life in each spectacular place. A dog who could identify my fragility and touch my core with one reassuring look, a dog who made almost everyone he met laugh, smile or cry good tears, he had the gift of bringing people together. A dog who would work out how to disappear in the pack - walking from trouble but running head long into fun, and, a dog who patiently waited for me to catch up, or slow down so I was present with him in our quieter, more reflective moments.  

At five weeks old, with many hopeful new owners present, the puppy with the blue collar and the sparkling bright aura climbed into my lap and fell asleep. He chose me, and for every day of the 13 years and 11 months that he drew breath, I’m honoured he did. Thank you Colby.

Multi Int. Ch/Am DC Columbia Blue Sky of Courage, SC

January 30 2004 - December 31 2017.

DOB:    January 30, 2004

Sire:     CH Courage William R Dangerdog, JC

Dam:    Serengeti’s Simba of Courage


Colby carried a CHIC (Canine Health Insurance Certificate) Number with the OFA in the USA #46314 having been tested and cleared for:

Hips:       GOOD

Elbows:   NORMAL

Thyroid:  NORMAL

Cerf (Eyes):   CLEAR

Cardiac:   NORMAL


For Colby's Pedigree, please click here: ped5url

RIO UK CH/AM Grand CH Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely

Rio was born with big shoes to fill. Her dam is the well loved and greatly admired “Hassle” - British Breed Record Holder, Top UK Ridgeback for 2004, 2005 and 2006 and 4 times Crufts BOB/BOS Winner: Int/GB/Ir CH Veldtkammer Lady Done A Bunk, JW.  

From the first time Rio set foot in the ring, it was evident she would follow in her mother’s footsteps; taking 5 out of 5 Best puppy in Breed titles, multiple Puppy Hound Group placements and winning her first AKC Championship points from the puppy classes under Judges Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin, and Ms. Joan Urban.  

Rio completed her AKC Championship winning her last 10 points and both majors in 28 days. Her first show as a Special saw her make Judge Mr. David Jay Hyman’s cut at the Eukanuba National Championships in 2009, and from then she’s gone from strength to strength.  

We completed 2010 with her ranked as America’s No.4 Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch (AKC All-Breed Totals) and since our move to the UK in March 2011, Rio continued her show career this side of the pond and in just 6 weeks gained her UK Championship. In late December 2011 Dog World announced Rio as the UK’s joint No. 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback, and she was joint titled the UK's Rhodesian Ridgeback Champion of Champions! 

Rio continued her amazing journey throughout 2012 in the UK and finished the year with a total of 15 CCs, 11 with Best of Breed, 6 RBCCs and 3 Group 3's, making her the UK's Top Rhodesian Ridgeback for 2012. Not only that, she was once again titled the UK's Champion of Champions by winning the prestigious Cecily Hick Memorial Owslmoor Trophy, which we had in our care for a total of 18 months. 

In May 2014 at the age of 6, Rio won a title that had eluded us on both continents through her very successful earlier showing career. At the Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Championship Show under greatly admired expert of our breed, Mrs Gillian Craven (Hespa) she won the title BEST IN SHOW!

We are ever grateful for judges who continue to recognise Rio's outstanding quality and showmanship, and although now in semi-retirement, Rio enjoys the show ring too much to deny her the pleasure of the chance to strut her stuff.

DOB:    September 12, 2007

Sire:     Manzengwenya Arakhan at Gunthwaite (Australian Import)

Dam:    GB/IR/Int. CH Veldtkammer Lady Done A Bunk, JW

For Rio's Pedigree, please click here: ped5url

Cardiac: NORMAL



LANA - Colkeririn Indigo Lightly at Lonaza 

Lana is Kamba's full litter sister and we are lucky to co-own her with Jane Hawkins and John Smith, who love and cherish Lana in their home in Portsmouth, England.    

Lana was born bossy! As one of 11 in her litter she quickly learnt that using her voice got results! She spent 8 weeks bossing her brothers and sister around to her own advantage and quickly attained princess status after joining her forever family, much to the consternation of her new big brother Oz, who had to forfeit his bed, bowl, toys and couch position for this new, young whippersnapper in his life.   

Once Lana could venture out in to the big wide world, joining two Samoyeds, two Weimeraners and Oz on their morning walks she learnt to bark more than a sammy, run faster than a weimy and out manoeuvre her brother to get the most attention! Lana's human entourage were thrilled to accompany her to the Kent Super Dog 2014 competition as she successfully qualified by winning BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the East Kent Canine Society Show in 2014 under Judge Mike Spencer (Bannonbrig). Lana gained her Stud Book Number winning the Limit Bitch class and then Reserve Best Bitch at Bath Championship Show 2015 under Breed Specialist Janet Parker (Rejan).

Hips:         3:2 = 5

Elbows:    0:0 = 0

DM:          N/N - CLEAR

EOAD:     High Confidence CLEAR

Eyes:        NORMAL (BVA - tested 2014)

JME:        N/N CLEAR (Laboklin)

TIKKA - Colkeririn The Empress

Tikka is Verde's full litter sister, and Colby and Keira's daughter. Her "busy ridge" with multi-crowns stops her from being a show dog, but what she lacks in show possibilities she makes up for in her loving, sweet nature. 

Her movement is strong and sound, and her beautiful looks are (in our humble opinion) remarkable!   

Tikka possesses her mother and father's zest for running and really enjoys a good game of chase on the fields. Her favourite time of day is when she can snuggle up to her best friends Indie and Rio - I often find them all sleeping tightly bundled up on one dog bed!  

KEIRA - AM CH Hooz Denali Blue Sky, SC

Bred from some of the strongest African and European blood lines, Keira will always be the Colkeririn beauty queen; strong, sound and elegant. A red wheaten with a magnificent head and outstanding muscle tone, her nickname was Bootyliscious Cupcake! Keira completed her AKC Ch. title in November 2008 winning a 5-Point Major under Mrs Patricia A. Mowbray-Morgan. 

Shown lightly in 2009, Keira won an Award of Merit under breeder judge Mr. David Jay Hyman at the Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach, CA, which qualified her to show at Crufts in 2012. As we had moved to the UK between the two shows, we decided to enter her, it was her first ever UK Championship Show in the UK and we were absolutely delighted she won a 4th Place in a very well represented Open Bitch class.  

In November 2012 Keira sustained a complicated break to her leg which although initially mended well, progress was swiftly followed by complication. In early February she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. I made the heart wrenching decision to have her leg amputated. She survived the operation, but died 7 hours later. She was as beautiful in death as she was in life. It was a remarkable operation our vet had performed. As I held her in my arms and in the days since I last laid eyes on her, I’ve thought nothing other than the short, but perfect life Keira led, pain and suffering she was spared. She leaves 8 beautiful offspring, two of whom she enjoyed mothering to her dying day, and my broken heart full of memories of her sense of fun, adventure and her splendor. A gentle, deep and loving soul. My faithful, perfect friend.  

DOB:    April 22, 2005 - February 2013

Sire:     Veldtkammer Get Ofa My Cloud

Dam:    Sohw Red Jala Hooz

Hips:    GOOD

Elbows: NORMAL


Cardiac: NORMAL


For Keira's Pedigree, please click here: ped5url

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